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The Best Care Possible For Your Pets


Regularly having your animal examined is a crucial aspect to help prevent disease and also serve as peace of mind.  Please contact us for all of your pet wellness needs. 



Experienced veterinarians with the highest quality diagnostic capabilities are what you'll find here.  Our doctors of veterinary medicine, and supporting staff are wholeheartedly determined to find answers for any and all of the myriad of conditions dogs, cats, and select exotic pets experience.  Thank you for relying on us to be your animal's physician.



Our veterinarians are experienced in spaying and neutering, but also in general soft tissue, gastrointestinal, oncologic, cystotomies, and certain ocular surgeries.  We are so grateful to be able to do this for our patients, thank you for trusting us.



Veterinary dentistry is such an important aspect of caring for our animal friends.  One of the most common procedures done here is the complete oral health assessment and treatment (COHAT).  Quality dental equipment/radiographs combined with thoughtful and expert techniques means your animals oral health is in good hands.

Veterinary Oral Health Council Accepted Dog Products 

Veterinary Oral Health Council Accepted Cat Products

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It is so crucial to prevent disease where possible, and that's why we have all your pet's needs covered when it comes to vaccination and heartworm, flea/tick/parasite prevention.

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One of the most important ways in which we manage disease in veterinary patients is with prescription diets.  Whether for dermatological, gastrointestinal, or metabolic purposes, we have you covered.

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We are here for you at all stages of your pet's life.  We always strive

for compassion, and you can count on a kind and caring

approach here always, because we listen, and we care deeply.

We have provided a quality of life checklist that may be beneficial

in helping you make the end of life decisions for your pet.

Please speak with your pets’ doctor if you have questions

about the checklist or the results of your pets’ checklist.​

Quality of Life Checklist 


Losing a pet is a part of pet ownership that no one wants to

experience, but at Platz Animal Hospital we can make sure your

pet passes pain-free and surrounded with love and compassion.

We do request that euthanasia appointments are scheduled with

a receptionist to ensure we have the appropriate staff available

for you and your pet. While we do not offer in-home euthanasia,

please see link below with recommended sources. 
In-Home Euthanasia Services

We have used a family-owned and operated crematorium called

Trusted Journey since 1994. They offer respectful and

compassionate cremation services for all types of pets.
Trusted Journey offers routine and private cremation, clay and ink

paw prints, along with various urns and memorial keepsakes.

If your pet should pass away at home, Trusted Journey will offer to

pick up your pet from home. Please see link below for website. 

Trusted Journey Website 

Grief Support 

The loss of a pet can be very overwhelming. Most pet owners

see their pets as part of the family or like a child. Grieving the

loss of a pet can be just as painful. Here are some resources

to help you and your family cope with the loss of your beloved pet.
Pet Loss Resources
AKC Pet Loss Website
AVMA Brochure
Partridge Grief Support 

Grey Cat
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